Monday, November 8, 2010

am i an idiot?!

"Wise people live in wealth and luxury, but stupid people spend their money as fast as they get it."  --Proverbs 21:20 (TEV)

nagpaparinig sa akin ang Panginoon! haha. but seriously.  this past week, i've been acting like an animal cut loose from the zoo--shopping (almost) like there's no tomorrow.  It's almost Christmas and, instead of getting us gifts, Dad usually just gives us some spending money, on the condition that we spend it on apparel so we have something to wear during the holidays.

so, i bought a lot, trying to maximize my break from retail therapy fasting.  but afterwards i kind of felt sick and realized that i had somehow returned to my old ways.  even though i did try to think of what i could really use, i did get side tracked at times, and also bought some things which i'm sure would not last that long. 

so, for the next year, i have set some new shopping, or non-shopping, rules (after my Project 365):

1. DIY to death! and using existing materials first, rather than buying new fabrics, etc.  I'm not allowed to buy any more tops or yardage of fabric until i've completely exhausted all my existing resources (pieces i bought or stole from my mom's closet, telling myself i'd alter them to make like new)

2. stick to the list!  i'm going to write a very specific list of things that i can buy, and that's it.

3.  wait, then think.  i was very tempted to buy this pair of wedges at CMG on sale for P999. so sexy and seems versatile enough.  heaven knows i need variety in my shoe rack (they're all neutral, mostly black *sigh*).  but even though i relly wanted to buy those shoes, i've decided to put off buying footwear until i have a clearer picture of what i'll be doing next year, after my contract at UPM ends.  will i be going to school? will i be working for a broadcasting company or publication and, if so, will i be on the field or at the office?  will i be starting my travel show project with my friends?  will i be starting my own business?  will i be acting more (and in need of options for wardrobe)?

4.  NEED versus want.

5.  prioritize! and make your money work for you.  so looking good would be nice and i might need it if i'm gonna act more.  but i might not need it as much as tuition for school.  i may not need it as much as children need schoolbooks.  i really need to remember what's most important in my life and how i can use my little wealth to accomplish my goals and to help others.

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  1. what's this travel project thing? i want in! haha. miss you, kat!